puzzles with dominoes as divinations

puzzles as divinations

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digital combinations of seventy quadrilateral tiles or pieces of square dominoes


Sides of human personality and edges of square dominoes.
The fourth page describes psychological and philosophical meanings which can be formed during logic games and intellectual puzzles at arrangements of digital combinations of seventy quadrilateral tiles or pieces of square dominoes on squares of playing board, that allows to use mathematical game design as mantic predictive system for divinations and predictions.


Psychology of personality and square dominoes.
Games and puzzles as divinations and predictions.

Playing board of mega square dominoes can be considered as calendar matrix in which verticals and horizontals correspond with cosmological system of astrological planets and by that correspond with annual chronological cycle of the sun and astronomical movement of the Earth during one year, that allows to count days. But basic data carriers in mathematical system of square dominoes are seventy quadrilateral tiles or pieces which during games or patience puzzles at arrangements on squares of playing board symbolize days of solar year. It is possible to speak that playing board is calendar matrix, and game tiles or pieces within the mathematical design of square dominoes are mantic predictive system which allows to correlate days of year to various philosophical and psychological meanings which correspond to four-digit numerical combinations on squares of playing board during logic games and intellectual puzzles.
Principles and rules for arrangements of seventy quadrilateral tiles or pieces of dominoes on playing board or otherwise to tell instructions of puzzles can be different, but the key rule consists that is necessary to lay 70 gaming fragments on squares with comparing by identical ciphers. If such mathematical problem of intellectual puzzle is solved then player or gaming person has individual calendar matrix in which pieces of square dominoes symbolizes 42-day and 70-day chronological periods of one solar year.
Four colors and four-digit numerical combinations of quadradominoes mean emotional characteristics.
Yellow color - open emotions.
Red color - joyful emotions.
Blue color - sad emotions.
Green color - quiet emotions.
Four types of human emotions correspond with numbers of Chinese numerology and symbols of the Book of Changes I-King. Look information on numbers of Chinese numerology, and also about types of emotional characteristics on pages of other website: www.emotions.64g.ru/prof2/pro3en.htm.
Four colors and ciphers of square dominoes mean emotional characteristics which can be significant at those or other calendar days depending on cells of individual chronological matrix on playing board where tiles or pieces with four-digit numerical combinations are located as a result of puzzle.
Each quadrilateral domino tile or piece has four directions which are focused concerning four edges of playing board which corresponds to sides of human personality, that is shown on the chart.

four edges of playing board and sides of human personality on the chart Left edge of playing board symbolizes individual parameters of human personality, namely individual attitude of a man to events.
Right edge symbolizes public parameters of personality, namely common opinion or collective attitude of people to events.
Top edge symbolizes psychological characteristics according to which human personality perceives influence of collective opinion of people.
Bottom edge symbolizes individual influence of a man on opinions of people.
Left and right edges of playing board mean independent opinions which do not influence each other.
Top and bottom edges of playing board mean interrelation of opinions, namely psychological characteristics according to which individual person influences society or people influence individuality of a man.
The listed psychological meanings of four edges of playing board correspond to symbols of the Chinese Book of Changes I-King and numbers in numerology, and also four-digit numerical combinations of game tiles of square dominoes or emotional characteristics in a context of physiognomy of human face.
Or four edges of playing board within mathematical game design of square dominoes can be correlated to levels of human individuality and physiognomy of noses, about what too look information on pages of website: www.emotions.64g.ru/prof/proconen9.htm.
Left edge - radical declarative individuality.
Top edge - administrative individuality.
Bottom edge - arbitrary and voluntary individuality.
Right edge - conservative organizing individuality.


For example, if as a result of patience puzzle, and in essence as a result of prediction or divination on 12th square of playing board you have quadrilateral domino piece which is focused by red color aside left edge then joyful emotions will be shown during individual attitude of a gamer to events on 12th day of this or that chronological period within calendar year. And if quadrilateral domino piece on 12th square is focused by blue color aside right edge of playing board then public opinion will correspond to sad emotional displays. And if domino game piece is focused by green color on top and bottom edges of playing board then individual influence on people or public influence on a gamer will cause quiet emotional characteristics.
Thus piece of dominos on 12th square of playing board is on horizontal row of Neptune and vertical of Jupiter, that also has psychological value from view point of astrology or Mystical Cabala as ten Sefirot and heavenly spheres of universe correspond with planets.
Predictions or divinations of emotional characteristics by means of mantic system of square dominoes are ordinary logic game because arrangements of pieces on squares of playing board ensue as a result of patience puzzles, but however such gaming has esoteric and mystical sense. Namely gaming is intelligent action of human consciousness and consequently arrangements of quadrilateral domino pieces on squares of playing board during patience puzzles can be considered as display of metaphysical information field or oracle according to which people are capable to predict future and to carry out divinations of event. And also metaphysical information field or oracle has potential to analyze psychological processes which are esoteric reasons of human emotional characteristics.
Decision of domino puzzles is complex logic process in which human consciousness is involved, and consequently information field of oracle is shown in actions of people. But if mathematical principles or rules of consciousness in space of information field or otherwise in metaphysical spheres of oracle are not actual purpose during mantic divinations and predictions then it is possible to randomize pieces of dominoes on square of playing board. That is not intellectual game or logic puzzle but also allows to analyze emotional characteristics of human personality and to carry out divinations by means of predictive mantic system of dominoes. Namely it is possible to have game pieces of square dominoes on playing board or calendar matrix for divinations as a result of not conscious but spontaneous actions.
In this case numerical combinations of square domino pieces can be compared not only by identical but also unequal ciphers, and consequently it is possible to consider arrangements of four-digit colors not only concerning edges of playing board but also relative each other.
For example, if game pieces of dominoes are compared by unequal ciphers on 12th and 13th squares as a result of divination then 12th and 13th days within calendar system of mega quadradominoes will not possess interrelation in view of consecutive row of emotional characteristics or events. And if game pieces of dominoes on 12th and 19th squares are compared by identical ciphers then corresponding calendar days will be interconnected.
It is possible to reorient game pieces of dominoes on squares of playing board and to change relative arrangements of ciphers or four-digit colors, and by that to adapt emotional characteristics for plans of desirable events which correspond to those or other days.
For example, if 13th calendar day had positive events or positive displays of emotions were actual then it is possible to reorient one piece of dominoes on 20th square of playing board for comparing with identical cipher on 13th square. As a result 13th and 20th calendar days will be interconnected. But it is impossible to reorient domino pieces which correspond with past days during chronological periods of esoteric calendar system of square dominoes.

Except for psychological meanings during patience puzzles with square dominoes it is possible to consider many other interpretations and explanations which can have diverse philosophical senses and ratios with realities of human life. Namely edges of game pieces and playing board can mean different phenomena of world space and various physical processes which influence on individual personality, or can mean various actions and displays of a person which affects on external universe.
General sense of various psychological and philosophical meanings or values consists that playing board during patience puzzles is considered as a quadrilateral figure where four-digit numerical combinations of square dominoes are alterable set of semiotic signs and symbols within mathematical system of seven verticals and ten horizontals which form seventy semantic cells of predictive mantic matrix or divination cosmological table of universe. It is conditionally possible to speak that rectangular edges of playing board are similar to inscriptions on a crossroad stone, and four-digit ciphers of mega square dominoes mean directions of four roads.
Many various methods for application of square dominoes as mantic and calendar system in predictions and divinations, and also as mathematical model of universe and human personality are possible. In essence various arrangements of game tiles or pieces of square dominoes on the playing board as a result of patience puzzles and games can be considered as individual psycho-physiological matrixes of people within existential continuum of universe, if to consider different psychological and philosophical meanings of four edges and ciphers, and also different ratios of verticals and horizontals with symbols of astrological planets.

I hope that information of this web page about logic puzzles or intellectual predictions and divinations with square dominoes will allow to find keys to research of many esoteric secrets of universe, and in particular mystical mystery of seventy Archons which are written in books of Gnostic philosophy.

Following page shows mathematical rules and laws according to which game pieces and playing board of mega square dominoes form complex figure of psycho-physiological matrix of human personality or cosmological scheme which correspond with hierarchies of gods in ancient mythological systems.