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mathematical design of mega square dominoes


Esoteric system of "solar gates" in the Book of Secrets of Enoch.
The second page describes esoteric and metaphysical system of "solar gates" which corresponds with mathematical design of mega square dominoes and which is known from the apocryphal Book of Secrets of Enoch also referred to as "Slavonic Enoch" or "2 Enoch".
And also second page describes sequences of astrological planets according to which verticals and horizontals of playing board are designated. Namely ratio of seven verticals with days of divine creation and ten verticals with symbols of Sefirot or Sephirot in Magical or Mystical Cabala or Kabbalah.


Esoteric system of dominoes and planets in astrology.
Metaphysical space of playing board.

Especial esoteric or mystical sense of mega square dominoes consists that 70 quadrilateral tiles or pieces correspond to metaphysical structures of world reality or otherwise to tell to divine phenomena of universe. In particular seventy numerical combinations of square mega dominoes can be compared to 70 sons of goddess Athirat or Asherah and god El who were parents of all divine entities in the context of ancient Semitic mythology, that is written on clay tablets which have been found by archeologists in the city of Ugarit on territory of contemporary Syria.
And also mathematical design of ciphers or otherwise four-digit numerical combinations correspond with celestial or heavenly metaphysical space which is described in the apocryphal Book of the Secrets of Enoch.

"The angels took Enoch and placed him in the east at the sunís gates
Those men bore me away to the east, and placed me at the sunís gates, where the sun goes forth according to the regulation of the seasons and the circuit of the months of the whole year, and the number of the hours day and night.
And I saw six gates open, each gate having sixty-one stadia and a quarter of one stadium, and I measured them truly, and understood their size to be so much, through which the sun goes forth, and goes to the west, and is made even, and rises throughout all the months, and turns back again from the six gates according to the succession of the seasons; thus the period of the whole year is finished after the returns of the four seasons."

The citation is taken from The Book of the Secrets of Enoch also referred to as "Slavonic Enoch" or "2 Enoch", but this translation inexact as in the original Slavonic or old Russian text I have found.
"I have seen six huge gates, everyone on sixty one stages and a quarter. I carefully have measured these gates, whence the sun leaves and where always comes back, having surrounded all land. I also have comprehended however they are great. The sun leaves forty two days from the first gate. From the second, third, fourth and fifth - thirty five days. From the sixth - forty two days. And after expiration of time it again comes back through the sixth gate and enters into the fifth, fourth, third and second for thirty five days. And so days of each year expire according to change of its four times or seasons."

This citation is taken from the Book of Enoch Secrets from the so-called Slavic version, but also there is Ethiopian or Ethiopic text of Enoch manuscript which content considerably differs from Slavic variant. As Ethiopian version of Enoch describes the calendar solar cycle where one year is divided into 12 periods or months of 30 days, and four cardinal months have 31 days, that differs from the annual cycle which consists of 35-day and 42-day chronological periods in the Slavonic version of Enoch Book.
There is ancient Egyptian sacred "Book of Gates" with description of 12 doors which the sun passes within night. But in essence Egyptian Book of Gates and also Egyptian Books of Dead describe 12 night hours during which the sun is below a line of horizon, that has other esoteric value and corresponds with other metaphysical phenomena of universe rather than six solar gates which are described in the Slavonic Book of Secrets of Enoch.
Enoch is the biblical character, and this name in the Bible belongs two persons. First person descends from Cain and the second from Seth. About the first person in the fourth chapter of Genesis it is written: "Cain lay with his wife, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Enoch. Cain was then building a city, and he named it after his son Enoch". And about the second person in the fifth chapter of Genesis it is written: "Altogether, Enoch lived 365 years. Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away."
It is possible to assume that the apocryphal Book of the Secrets of Enoch is Slavic translation of any ancient Greek manuscripts. Because Greeks collected books of all world in the Alexandria library in Egypt and translated into the Greek language. But real origin of the Book of of Enoch Secrets is unknown as this bible character lived on the Earth up to the Flood and he has in total written 366 books which have been dictated by Archangel Pravuil or Vrevuil or Uriel.
Probably, books of Enoch were taken in Ark by Noah or by his children, and consequently were partially kept till now time.
The metaphysical model of universe in the Book of Enoch Secrets is fantastic from view point of contemporary physics or astronomy, but however celestial construction corresponds to concepts of astrology and chronological cycles of Christian liturgical calendars. In particular esoteric system of "solar gates" is similar to astrological rules according to which planets dominate in signs of zodiac, that is shown on the chart.

astrological planets and system of solar gates in the Book of Enoch Secrets First gate - Crab and Leo - Moon and Sun.
Second gate - Virgo and Gemini - Mercury and Chiron.
Third gate - Libra and Taurus - Venus and Proserpine.
Fourth gate - Scorpio and Aries - Mars and Pluto.
Fifth gate - Sagittarius and Pisces - Jupiter and Neptune.
Sixth gate - Capricorn and Aquarius - Saturn and Uranus.
In total one annual solar cycle according to metaphysical model of universe in the Book of Enoch Secrets has following numerical values in astrology.
42 days - Crab and Leo.
35 days - Virgo.
35 days - Libra.
35 days - Scorpio.
35 days - Sagittarius.
42 days - Capricorn and Aquarius.
35 days - Pisces.
35 days - Aries.
35 days - Taurus.
35 days - Gemini.
Total 42+35+35+35+35+42+35+35+35+35=364, that corresponds to number of days in the cyclic calendars of ancient world.
Look information about cyclic calendars, and also about domination of astrological planets in signs of zodiac on pages of other websites www.numeralgame.64g.ru and www.emotions.64g.ru.


Seventy quadrilateral tiles or pieces in the complete set of mega  square dominoes correspond with esoteric system of solar gates as 35+35=70, that allows to consider four-digit combinations of domino ciphers as chronological marks of days in annual solar cycle. Actually ciphers or numbers form esoteric system of dominoes which symbolize a calendar, and also playing board forms a design which symbolizes metaphysical space as vertical and horizontal rows of squares are compared to astrological planets.
Namely planetary notation of playing board is formed with two sequences of planets.
The first sequence designates verticals and corresponds to seven days of week.
1 SL Sun - Sunday;
2 LN Moon - Monday;
3 MA Mars - Tuesday;
4 ME Mercury - Wednesday;
5 UP Jupiter - Thursday;
6 VE Venus - Friday;
7 SA Saturn - Saturday.
The second sequence of astrological planets designates horizontals of playing board and corresponds to ten esoteric symbols of Sefirot in Magical or Mystical Cabala or Kabbalah, or sacral Cabbalistic Tree of Life or Ein Sof.
1 PL Pluto - Keter or Ratzon - Supreme Crown or Will.
2 NE Neptune - Chokhmah - Wisdom.
3 UR Uranus - Binah - Intelligence or Understanding.
4 MA Mars - Chesed or Gedulah - Love or Kindness or Greatness.
5 UP Jupiter - Gevurah or Din - Power or Severity or Judgment.
6 SA Saturn - Tiferet or or Rachamim - Beauty or Compassion.
7 LN Moon - Netzach - Triumph or Lasting Endurance or Eternity.
8 ME Mercury - Hod - Majesty or Glory or Splendor or Greatness.
9 VE Venus - Yesod Olam or Tzaddik - Foundation or Basis of Universe or Righteous One.
10 SL Sun - Malchut or Atarah or Shekhina - Kingdom or Realm or Diadem or Feminine Divinity.
Two sequences of astrological planets on verticals and horizontals of playing board of mega square dominoes are constructed according to esoteric principle of the Star of Magi or heptagonal magical star configuration which is shown in the chart.

esoteric principle of the Star of Magi or heptagonal magical configuration The shown heptagonal magical star configuration is geometrical figure according to which astrologers calculate ratio of planets with days of week, that arrows specify.
And also the shown Star of Magi can be considered as geometrical figure according to which astrological planets correspond with symbols of Sefirot in Magical or Mystical Cabala if to read sequence of planetary signs along circle counter-clockwise, namely Sun - Venus - Mercury - Moon - Saturn - Jupiter - Mars, that corresponds to seven visible planets which can be seen in the sky without telescopes. And also if the sequence has three invisible planets which are known in contemporary astrology and are accessible to eyesight of astronomers by means of telescopes, namely Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.
Three invisible planets are compared to three first Cabbalistic Sefirot which symbolize unconscious or non cognizable spheres of universe, and seven visible celestial bodies are compared with symbols of Ein Sof from 4 to 10 which symbolize cognizable world areas.

Philosophical meanings of ten Sefirot in Magical or Mystical Cabala correspond to names of divine emanations, namely values of Cabbalistic symbols are translations of Jewish words into English language, but actually linguistic translations of mystical values can be diverse. In particular it is possible to correlate esoteric system of ten Cabbalistic Sefirot to levels or spheres of universe in the Book of Enoch Secrets, or in other mystical and philosophical books where heavenly spheres and cosmological models of celestial world space are described. And also esoteric system of ten Cabbalistic Sefirot can be compared to grades of angels in Christian mystical philosophy about what look information on pages of other website www.emotions.64g.ru/prof5/p4en.htm. Accordingly symbols and philosophical meanings of Jewish Sefirot in Magical Kabbalah or Mystical Cabala can be correlated to different sequences of astrological planets, and also horizontal designations of playing board in the game design of mega square dominoes can be various, that has different senses in a context of philosophy and view points of astrology, as shown in the table.

symbols and philosophical meanings of Jewish Sefirot in Mystical Cabala

First vertical row of the table shows contemporary astrological sequence of planets: SL Sun - LN Moon - ME Mercury - VE Venus - MA Mars - UP Jupiter - SA Saturn - UR Uranus - NE Neptune - PL Pluto.
Second vertical row shows post order or return sequence of planets in astrology, namely Sun is compared to the first and Pluto with last Cabbalistic Sefirot as cosmological models of universe are various in a context of astrological notion about ascending and descending ways of evolution, that is comparable to different planetary sequences, and also is significant within esoteric systems of square dominoes.
Third vertical row has PR Proserpine as additional heavenly body to contemporary astrological sequence of planets, and the Sun as a result is displaced below outside of ten horizontals of playing board.
Proserpine is hypothetical planet which is not found out by astronomers, but she is known in astrology.
This planet is designated by the name of mythological goddess Proserpine or Persephone who is wife of Hades or Pluto in contexts of mythological systems of Ancient Greece and Rome. She is the Queen of underground world or kingdom of death or realm of shadows, and also Proserpine personifies spring updating or renewal of the nature and revival of life, as one time a year this goddess leaves kingdom of death, that is comparable to philosophical meanings of Magical or Mystical Cabala. Namely tenth symbol of Cabbalistic Sefirot has names Malchut or Shekhina, that means authority of King or Queen. Or first sign of Magical Kabbalah has names Keter or Ratzon, that too designates variants of male or feminine images of Supreme Crown.
If astrological planet Proserpine is compared to first Cabbalistic Sefirot then corresponds with beginning of descending way of evolution, or otherwise to tell with a source of divine emanations and down stream of deities in the world. And if the sequence of astrological planets on sides of playing board has post order or return row then celestial symbol of Proserpine corresponds with beginning of ascending direction of evolution and ascension of people to the God.

Fourth vertical row shows planetary sequence corresponding to heavenly spheres in a context of Pythagorean philosophy and in particular cosmological model of universe of the Greek philosopher Philolaus.
Central fire - is designated by letter C.
Counter-Earth and Earth - letters AE and E.
Luminaries - LN Moon and SL Sun.
Five planets from Mercury to Saturn.
Fifth vertical row shows sequence of heavenly spheres according to Neo-Platonic and Gnostic cosmological models of universe.
Earth in the beginning - letter E.
Luminaries - LN Moon and SL Sun.
Five planets from Mercury to Saturn.
Sphere of stars - is designated by letter S.
Celestial sphere of ideas - letters ID.
Sixth vertical row shows astrological sequence of planetary symbols according to positions of planets within the heptagonal Star of Magi, that has been told above on this web page.
Seventh vertical row shows celestial sequence of ten Sefirot or Sephirot in Magical Cabala or Mystical Kabbalah, or sacral Cabbalistic Tree of Life or Ein Sof.
Eighth vertical row shows Cabbalistic sequence of divine emanations with the additional symbol Daat which has the name Knowledge or "tree of life", and this sign of Cabala is located between three and seven symbols of Sefirot which designate unconscious and cognizable spheres of universe. Tenth symbol of Sefirot Malchut or Shekhina as a result is displaced outside of ten horizontals of playing board, and fourth horizontal corresponds to arrangement of a world tree of Knowledge or Daat, that has significant value in the esoteric system of mega square dominoes, about what look information on following pages in this section of website.
And also astrological planets on verticals of playing board in the esoteric system of square dominoes can have different sequences. Namely if last week day is Saturday then sequence of planets begins with the Sun and according to seven points of the Star of Magi comes to Saturn. And if last week day is Sunday then sequence of astrological planets begins with the Moon and comes to the Sun.
In total signs of astrological planets on verticals and horizontals of playing board in the esoteric system or game design of mega square dominoes can be considered as divine ratio of seven days of creation with ten spheres of universe, or otherwise to tell as magical ratio of celestial levels of the created world space with chronological periods of time during which creation of the world was performed.
Or it is possible to tell that seven verticals of game board of the esoteric systems of mega square dominoes correspond with goddess Athirat or Asherah and movement of time, and ten horizontals correspond to the god El and spheres of world space, that in aggregate forms seventy divine entities of existing universe from the view point of ancient Semitic mythology.
And also 70 quadrilateral game pieces or tiles of mega  square dominoes can be considered as esoteric mathematical system of four-digit numerical combinations which correspond to four world elements.
Red color - elements of fire.
Yellow color - elements of earth.
Green color - elements of air.
Blue color - elements of water.
Namely esoteric system of 70 game tiles or playing elements of square dominoes and four-digit combinations of ciphers are comparable to versions of atoms or elementary particles of metaphysical substances of supernatural matter which forms cosmic body of Adam Kadmon or Primal Man or perfect and complete human being in the context of Cabbalistic philosophy. And also Microcosm or Anthropos in contexts of Greek atomistic philosophy or contemporary Anthroposophy, or Purusha in the Indian philosophical doctrines and religions, if to consider global image of universe as anthropomorphic essence or entity.
Actually squares or cells of playing board can be considered as divine matrix for seven days of creation time and ten spheres of global space, and seventy quadrilateral pieces of dominoes on the table of checker-board during games and patience puzzles as variants of metaphysical prototypes of initial human personality or cosmic body according to which people are created.

Following page results comparison of esoteric system of solar gates or otherwise cosmological model of world space in the Book of Enoch Secrets with square dominoes and calendar table or chronological circle of the Sun.